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Work With Patrick

Do You Want To Work With Patrick Ogunnaike Directly?

You Have The Opportunity To Work Directly With ME
To Create An Awesome Automated

Simply Put… what you’re about to see is the SIMPLEST, MOST POWERFUL way to create solid, long-term passive wealth that I’ve seen in the last 10+ year career n the MLM industry.

I’ve finally found ‘THE ONE‘…

…Have you ever wanted to see an MLM opportunity that had it all?  Great corporate leadership, a powerful compensation plan that you can start making money with right away, financially rock solid, and a huge open international market?

Most importantly though, an MLM opportunity with a system that makes it not just simply achievable but  NO BRAINER SIMPLE for absolutely anyone to create the income they desire.

This opportunity neutralizes the 2 main challenges
that plague our industry.


Challenge #1 is that the sad truth is that in our industry the average person who wants to start a home-based business is not a sales and marketing professional. in fact the average person only signs up a total of 2 people in their entire career.

So the reality is that to make real money in most business you must be a recruiting superstar.

This makes is very difficult for a you as a new person (with zero success or credibility) to create a stable team because to recruit new members you must be confident in your opportunity yet how can you be confident in your opportunity if you haven’t even earned a dime.

Now you become stuck in a Catch 22 situation.

Challenge#2 is that in our industry our there are rarely if any true end consumers for our company’s products.

What I mean is that in many companies the distributor is the end consumer.  And while their products are fantastic this creates another problem.

Because if your team are the only customers for your company’s products then if they leave because say they couldn’t recruit anyone or because they got wooed away by the next greatest deal under the sun, then there goes your passive residual.

What you want is a business based on sales to the end consumer not just other biz opp seekers. In most network marketing businesses 80% of your income comes from other distributors and 20% comes from end consumers. What you want is to flip those ratios around.

When you have a business where 80% of your income comes from true customers who love your products and couldn’t give a rats @s# about your company’s business opportunity then your whole team could leave tomorrow and as long as you get to keep the customers you’ll barely notice any effect on your income.

And that means you’ve built a truly solid passive income!

So, how do we overcome these two challenges?

That’s the question that had me saying ‘no way’ to every opportunity I looked at for almost 5 years after I had retired from the industry…

Many opportunities that crossed my desk sounded great on paper
… they had a great comp plan, amazing leaders, shiny bells and whistles

…but there was no way I could see how the average person could have reasonable  predictable success.

But after a boatload of research, I dare say I found the perfect opportunity.

What if …the company got you all your customers and even affiliates from TV commercials, and you just chose how many you want on your team – NO RECRUITING REQUIRED to earn a cheque.  You can make money without recruiting a single person or you can build a small team and catapult your passive income into the stratosphere!

You see, each month I pick a select group of people and work directly with them to build their home business.

To work with me you need to possess the following qualities

  • High Integrity
  • Gogetter
  • You can follow instructions
  • You’re a positive person
  • You’re allergic to BS
  • You’re not an opportunity junkie (you know the types that are here today gone tomorrow, you’re not one of them)

What if you finally had a chance to work PERSONALLY with an experienced MLM Super Star who could coach you over all of the hurdles that have been blocking you from finally achieving the success you’ve  been after for years?

…That’s what I’m about to show you on the next page.  This is a ‘Perfect Storm of opportunity’, that when combined with the absolutely BRILLIANT funnel system of MLM Lead System Pro), you simply CAN’T HELP but prosper.

Click HERE to take your first step to learn more then call me when you’re done watching the presentation at 416-882-2503 and if there’s a fit I’ll work personally hand in hand with you and show you my step by step, paint by numbers blueprint to success.

To Your Epic Success,



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