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Visalus Expert Review: Don’t You Dare Join Until You Read This!

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on June 18, 2011 12 Comments

Visalus Scam ReviewIs there a Visalus Scam?

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably recently been shown the Visalus businesss opportunity and you’re now trying to review the company to determine if it’s a real business that you can make money with or just a hyped up scam.

This is my independent expert review of the Visalus network marketing opportunity. The goal of this review is to determine if there a ViSalus Scam going on, or if this is a legit business.

In this review I’m going to go over the company and their products.

Recently Visalus has been having tremendous growth and success with many industry leaders jumping on board.

Visalus The Company

Visalus Sciences, is based out of  Troy, Michigan.  Interestingly their name “ViSalus” comes from the Latin “Vi,” which means Life, and “Salus,” meaning prosperity and health.
Their products that they offer are a variety of weight management, nutrition, and performance products.

Until 2004 they were known as The Free Network, then in April of 2004 their company name was changed to Visalus Sciences.

Their company leadership has extensive experience in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing industy having worked with a variety of industry heavy weights like Herbalife, Amway, and Mary Kay.

ViSalus became one of the fastest growing companies in the United States, 1,200% in their first three years, under, CEO, Ryan Blair.  They’ve even been featured on news channels, like  CNBC and MSNBC, and newspapers like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Time Magazine, and Business Week.

ViSalus Products Review

One of the best ways to differentiate a scam from a real business is to look at their products to see if they have any real relevance.

Ie; would people actually want to buy these products without a business opportunity attached?

Visalus markets a variety of weight-loss, meal replacement systems to designed to help people lose weight, become fitter and improve their overall health. Some of their products include : Trim Slim Shape,  Visalus Neuro and Vi-Pack Anti-Aging and Energy Supplements. They’ve become very well known for their Body By Vi Challenge,a 90-day weight loss challenge and their website is filled with many success stories.

Not having taken their products myself I can’t speak to their quality or the testimonials that the company promotes but I can say that they are in a very real market that generates revenues probably in the hundreds of millions in the US alone.

Their products range in price from $49 for their Balance Kit all the way up to $249 for their Transformation Kit. This creates a range of prices for their customers to choose from that are within the prices you’d see for other weightloss systems. In fact their $49 kit includes 30 shake meals s

o theoretically it should last you a full month taking just 1 a day.

Visalus Business Opportunity Review – Visalus Scam or Legit? 

Let’s take a look at the opportunity to see if it triggers and scammy red flags?

To become a Basic Distributor costs $49 which on its own is reasonable but the company promotes that if you would like to be able to take part in their complete benefits and rewards associated with the Visalus compensation plan, you should purchase the Executive Success System at $499.

There is even a $999 package that offers you the $499 package, and in addition includes thirty Sample Packs which you can provide to potential prospects.

You also get a thirty-day subscription to the Vi-Net Pro Marketing System in order to support you in the business.  After the thirty days, it cost $24 per month.  The average monthly autoship requirement is also $125.

Now many companies have typically had similar priced packages however so they’re not pushing the envelope too far here with an average starting cost of $499 but many companies these days are promoting much lower starting costs and many even let people become distributors for free.

So while this doe

sn’t indicate a scam you shouldn’t be goaded into buying a starter pack that is more than you can afford because all that does is give your sponsor a big commission while leaving you tons of product piled up in your garage if you don’t stay with the business.

The monthly autoship amount again is well within industry averages however many companies do not charge for a back office system whereas it seems that Visalus does.


Visalus Compensation Plan

Visalus’s comp-plan is a unilevel program, which gives you several ways to earn income: income upfront, advancement bonuses, and residual income.

One cool feature that they have that is generating a lot of excitement is that they have a very achievable BMW car program as an additional incentive. Usually car programs are reserved for the top ranked distributors in a company but Visalus offers it to distributors who reach the mid level rank of Regional Director.  To get to that level you need to have $12500 in monthly sales volume in your team.  For instance, if everyone on your team is ordering $125/month then you could get there with only 100 people on your team.

They even give you a license plate that says “Told U So” so you can playfully stick it to your negative friends who told you couldn’t be successful in MLM.

So all in all after looking at Visalus as a company, Visalus’s products, Business Opportunity and Compensation plan my verdict is that there is no Visalus Scam. They seem to be a stable growing company with products that are in demand.

Unfortunately thou

gh most Visalus distributors will fail, not because it’s a bad opportunity but because they suffer from a lack of training on how to successfully market their business so they’re forced to harass their friends and family.

They become card carrying members of the NFL club (no friends left).

No one is going to make you successful so you have to take your success into your own hands by learning from the best of the best on how to find and attract prospects to you rather than constantly having to chase and badger them.

There is a solution that will guarantee your success and put you on stage being recognized with the rest of the leaders in the company.





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