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The Truth About Attraction Marketing

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on July 17, 2011 One Comment

attraction marketingIf you’ve been around the network marketing industry anytime over the last 5 years you’ve heard about Attraction Marketing.

Attraction marketing is supposed to generate you leads and people ready and willing to join your business almost like magic.

Sounds great and it has transformed our industry as many people will attest.  After all, who wants to struggle to build their business, being forced to bug our friends and family over and over again to join our businesses.

But most people don’t really understand what Attraction Marketing actually is.

Here are a 2 things that it is not.

1)    It’s not “The Law Of Attraction Marketing”, it has nothing to do with focusing on positive goals and intentions and then having things suddenly go your way by magic.  The Law of attraction is a great philosophy to train your mind to be positive so you can focus on achieving your dreams, but that by itself is not marketing. Positive thoughts alone will never get you to where you want to be, you will have to work.

2)    It’s not only about “Branding Yourself”.  You see a lot of people get the idea that you just create a website like this one that promotes you in a light that will be attractive to your prospects and that if you do that they will automatically want to sign up with you. Again unfortunately it doesn’t work quite that way.

Here’s what Attraction Marketing really is.

You see, if you were selling a regular product then you’d create a promotion strategy around that product but in network marketing you are the product so that’s why you focus on promoting yourself.

But like I said, branding yourself directly and being bigger than life is not exactly the goal, it’s more of a fringe benefit.

The actual goal is to provide so much value to people that people will see you as the obvious choice to work with when the time comes for them to choose a sponsor.

Providing Value Is The Goal

This is where people usually get stopped because the next logical question to ask is, what value do I have to give to people?

Unfortunately I can’t answer that question for you.

All I can suggest is that you start learning and as you learning you then start to teach others what you’re learning.

Teaching is actually one of the best ways to learn something because it shows that you truly understand. At the same time if you’re actually doing the things that you’re learning and teaching then you’ll automatically become valuable.

See how that works? Pretty simple right?

Again, the common problem is that most people never begin.

One thing that I learned that has stuck with me that I found pretty cool is that we all have a market of people that need to hear from us. They connect with us and learn from us much more easily than they would someone else. There are people that I could get to join me in a business that would never join you and vice versa and this philosophy of adding value and being a teacher is how you attract those people to us.

It makes much more sense than randomly trying to badger people into joining your business.

Of course I’ve only scratched the surface of this whole attraction marketing process but it’s key that you understand these distinctions if you want to have any chance at being successful at it.

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To your success,

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