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Trump Network Expert Review: Scam Or A Legit Opportunity

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on August 2, 2011 One Comment

Trump Network ReviewIf you’re reading this then it’s because you’re doing some research on the Trump Network, network marketing opportunity.  The goal of my review is to go over the fundamentals of the Trump Network, evaluate the pros and cons to determine once and for all if it really is viable or if you should run for your life!

The most obvious elephant in the room with this opportunity is right squarely present in its name, TRUMP.

Pretty much everyone in the world has heard the name. Love him or hate him Donald Trump has done arguably the best branding job in history.

When you hear the name Trump what comes to mind?

Words like…Rich, Successful, Arrogant, Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Audacious, Wealthy, Famous, Controversial… just to name a few.

In fact hearing that he was throwing his hat into the MLM market screams of a hype-fest in the making. The reality is that the name Donald Trump sounds good on the surface but is it just a publicity stunt, a cash grab or is he seriously going to build a solid long term business?

What I’m going to say here may ruffle some feathers but I have to be honest.

I will say out right that this opportunity does not seem to be a scam in the conventional sense but I do have some serious concerns.

Donald Trump and his team are way too smart and have way too much to lose to knowingly involve themselves in a pyramid scheme or a money game.

However the Trump Network as an opportunity does seem to be a blatant attempt to use the Trump brand to draw in opportunity seekers and I ask you not to be fooled by that.

Joining a business requires you to make a business decision.

So let’s look at the facts by asking a couple of questions.

Q1: What is the business all about?

Donald Trump did not actually start a company in order to get into the Network Marketing industry he simply bought an existing company with existing products. In this case the company was called Ideal Health. From a business perspective this is a smart move and saved him a lot time in business and product development. But it begins to show his intentions may be somewhat disingenuous.

Q2: What is Donald Trump’s role in this business?

Answer: If you look at their website they ask that exact question.  And right away you can see that Donald Trump hands over the reins to “Todd, Scott and Lou”. So it’s pretty obvious that he’s not involved in the day to day operations of the company.

So at the end of the day it seems that this opportunity involves Trump pretty much in name and marketing purposes only.

And that is pretty much as it should be. Considering everything that “the Donald” has his hands in is it really realistic to expect him to drop it all to go into the network marketing business full-time? In fact, if you think about it, would you really want Donald Trump to run your MLM company?

So just keep that in mind that although it’s great that by being part of the Trump Network that you can capitalize on the Trump brand don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is any different from any other network marketing opportunity out there.

That said, that brings us to the important point….

Q3: What are the Trump Network products?

As I mentioned, Trump didn’t start this company from scratch, instead he smartly bought an existing company that he could wrap his brand around.  It seems even that the same people are running it that always ran it. You could almost consider more as a joint venture than anything else.

Well the company that Trump bought is called Ideal Health.  Ideal Health is a company that’s been around since about 1997.

And this is what makes this business viable.

As their name implies they’re a nutritional supplement company. Although they offer something unique which is customized nutritional products based on your specific needs.

Now we all know that the wellness industry is huge and is only growing as baby boomers get older so they’re in safe territory there.

The “recommended” startup cost is $497 which isn’t cheap but it’s also not prohibitively expensive.

So to answer the question posed by this post, no, The Trump Network is not a scam.

We also found out that the biggest pro about the Trump Network opportunity is that you can use the name Trump but the con is that this opportunity suffers from the “is this just a gimmick?” factor.

They have real products and a real market that needs them so you can definitely make money marketing them.

Personally I would have questions all stemming from being unsure how serious Trump is in supporting this business. Will he just get bored someday and drop the Trump Network or is he in it for the long haul.

Other questions I’ve come up with are:

“Although Trump is a powerful brand will people really buy into Trump as a nutritional product they can trust?”

“Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Trump to sell something related to his niche which is real estate, investments or even luxury lifestyle or educational products?”

“What tools and training do they have to help people succeed?”

Once you get past the hype around the Trump Network you quickly realize that it is just like any other opportunity in the MLM marketplace and will rise or fall based on the actions of their distributors.

Unfortunately most Trump Network distributors will fail not because it’s a bad opportunity but because they suffer from a lack of training on how to successfully market their business so they’re forced to harass their friends and family.

They become card carrying members of the NFL club (no friends left).

No one is going to make you successful so you have to take your success into your own hands by learning from the best of the best on how to find and attract prospects to you rather than constantly having to chase and badger them.

There is a solution that will guarantee your success and put you on stage being recognized with the rest of the leaders in the company.

Click HERE to see what I mean.

To your success,




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