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Tim Ferriss’s Secret To Smashing Your Fears Like The Hulk!

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on May 27, 2011 One Comment

I’ve attached a great video of a short lecture by Tim Ferriss.

Tim is someone who’s had a profound impact on my life. He wrote the book the 4 Hour WorkWeek and most recently the 4 Hour Body.

Tim is a masterful writer and marketer and as a result his books have rocketed to the top of the New York Times Best  Sellers list.

In the 4 Hour Workweek he teaches how to transform our working lives and businesses to allow us to live life on our terms. This creates freedom, fulfillment and prevents burn out, and boredom.

Listening to him talk I’ve identified 3 key habits that I believe are the secrets to his massive success:

1) Insane Modelling – No not taking pictures with weird clothes on.  Modelling as in copying the strategies of those who’ve gone before us.

You see when Tim wants to learn a new skill the first thing he does is he finds and interviews people who are already masters of that skill set. Then he notes down what they all have in common and by figuring out the commonalities they all share he’s often able to distill down to figure out what strategies he can use most effectively to reach his goals.

2) Insane discipline –  Once he plans out his strategy he sticks to it without fail. He doesn’t quit after a day or two, he doesn’t let himself get distracted. He is disciplined which makes him consistent for the long-term and that is the secret to winning any race.

3) Insane Courage – Tim is compelled to overcome his fears. This comes from his high level of self-awareness. This is the skillset of being able to delve inside of ourselves to ask simple but profound questions like “why did I just do that?” or “why did I just react that way?”  or “does it really make sense for me to believe that?”

When you start examining yourself at that level it opens the door to re-evaluating your fears and once you realize that a fear that you have doesn’t really make a whole lot of rational sense you can then choose whether or not you want to take it on.  That’s the essence of courage, realizing that your fears don’t define you. In fact fear often acts as a mirror showing you the level that you’re currently playing at as a person.

And the secret to breaking through to the next level facing that fear and reaching past it.

Well… this is a much longer intro that I expected to write for this Tim Ferriss video but oh well I hope my rant made some sense.

To your success,

Watch Tim Ferriss Smash His Fears And Show You How To Learn Anything!

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