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The MLM Success Test

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on May 19, 2011 One Comment

I just got finished reading an email from my brother Dave that truly showed me what a successful homebased business truly looks like.

You see usually those of us who are involved in homebased businesses or network marketing have usually been sold on THE DREAM!

You know the dream of having our mailboxes overflowing with cheques for tens of thousands of dollars each week. Dreams of having big fancy houses, going on fancy trips, having that fancy car and just all around being fancy 😉

But you know what?

All that sounds great and puts stars in our eyes but that’s not the true power that comes from building a homebased business and having passive income.

The power comes from having real freedom. Freedom to live your life on your own terms. Freedom be able to handle challenges even when they show up out of nowhere and blindside you.

Back to my brother’s email.

His email was telling us that his wife, Raj, just found out a couple of days ago that her Grandmother had passed away.

Left to Right: My Parents (Tim and Denise), Dave, Raj and Me

Normally that would be bad enough but her mother lives in India.

So with only about 72 hours notice she’s now on a plane flying to India to be with her family. In fact she’s probably in the air as I right this. It’s one heck of a long flight!

So where does our network marketing business come into play?

Well, the only reason that she had the option to get on that plane was because her husband had built a strong mlm business that makes his family steady five figure income every month with or without him making a single sales call.

You see, my brother decided not to go with her, but not because he couldn’t get the time off work, he stayed home to take care of their 2 adorable little girls. Dealing with an emergency like that is challenging enough but packing up 2 tiny kids and shipping them to another continent on such short notice would just be asking for trouble.

So while Mommy’s away dealing with her family’s grief she can rest assured that her girls are fine with their Daddy.

She didn’t have to hire some stranger to watch her kids and my brother can work his business part time at his speed while his wife’s away… or not work at all since the munchkins will probably be keeping him hopping.

All the while their income will keep on coming in. Infact it will probably even increase!

That’s why we do what we do.

Most people never learn how to successfully make even their first cheque in their homebased business, while some luck out with a business where they make money in spurts, they may even buy some fancy toys thinking they’ve made it but the true test that let’s you know that your business is successful is consistency, passivity and longevity.

There’s nothing quite like it!

To your success,

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