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Gladiacoin Review

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on May 8, 2017 29 Comments

gladacoin reviewIf you’re reading this then you’ve either recently been hearing about this program but don’t really know how or if it works or you just read my previous post  “Could Bitcoin Make You Millionaire?”

If you’re not already familiar with the Gladiacoin opportunity click HERE and watch the 28 minute overview

Eitherway, I’m writing this post to give an as unbiased review as possible to show the both the positives and negatives of this opportunity based on my own personal experience.

If you haven’t read my previous post and don’t really know how Bitcoin works then click here to get caught up.

Gladiacoin is an business and passive income opportunity that allows people to buy Bitcoin contracts that the company uses to trade with, they then share the profits with those who purchase these contracts allowing members to double our Bitcoin in 90 days or less. You can purchase contracts between 0.1BTC ($165USD) to as high as 4BTC ($6628USD) which the company says will double.


When I was first told about this company, that was my first thought. There’s no way this is real. Those sound like incredible returns and they are but if you’re familiar with more conventional currency trading such as FOREX, then you’ll learn that for skilled traders returns like this are possible. Given that bitcoin is even more volatile than conventional currencies (in the last week alone it increased by $208.93USD) it is possible to double your Bitcoin in 90 days. Not necessarily easy for the “average joe” but definitely possible for professionals.

So could it be real as in are they doing exactly what they say they are? It’s hard to tell just based on the website but the results have definitely been real so far.

So how does it work?

There’s no cost to join, a person simply picks their contract level, purchases their contract then then tells Gladiacoin where to deposit their Bitcoin. This is a key point that I’ll return to later.  Whenever your accrued Bitcoin reaches 0.03BTC or more you will receive a deposit that same day.

So let’s go over the positives and negatives. I’m going to list them first then go over each one in more detail.


  • Convenient, easy to understand and promote
  • Trackability
  • Control


  • Transparency
  • Risk
  • Longevity



Convenience: I found that this opportunity was very simple to understand once I wrapped my head around how it could be possible for them to deliver on their promise and determined how I was going to manage my risk. I’ll talk more about the Risks in the negatives section.

However, for people looking to get into the Bitcoin market and want to be able to grow the amount of Bitcoin that they own this is a very easy way to do it. Simply buy a contract then sit back. That’s literally it. There is no selling required and no other monthly costs.

Trackability: This is an area that where this company has been able to impress me. They have a very simple and easy to navigate back office (offered at no charge). You can easily keep track of the progress of your contract and withdrawals. You can also easily make changes to your information. For someone who is building a team you can quickly see the status of your downline to be able to calculate any commissions that you’ve earned.

Below is my Back Office Walkthrough video:

Control: This is a big one and is literally the only reason I joined Gladiacoin! This is also tied to the risk issue which I’ll go into more detail in that section. The bottom-line is that you control your Bitcoin not the company.  You simply designate the address of your Bitcoin wallet that you want your deposits to go to and then each day that you’ve accrued 0.03BTC or more you receive a deposit.

Depending on how familiar you are with Bitcoin you may not understand what I mean by a wallet. A wallet is simply a third party company that holds your Bitcoin. You can make purchases or receive payments from your wallet. These are companies unrelated to Gladiacoin. Some well known ones are Coinbase,, or Xapo.

Gladiacoin doesn’t hold onto your money for any significant length of time.



Transparency: This is the one area where the company fails. Not much is known about the people behind this company. It seems to be based in Singapore and opened in late 2016. That’s about it. They do have support but it’s by email only. Luckily, as I mentioned their back office works extremely well so I haven’t had any need to contact the company. However I can see many people having a problem with this as we’re used to most companies using a story about their founders to build credibility.

Risk: As with any business opportunity there are inherent risks and taking sometime to analyze them will help you figure what opportunities are worth your time and money and which are not. With Gladiacoin as with any other opportunity that requires an initial investment I always recommend that you never invest more than you’re willing to lose. It’s really that simple. The problem with most people is that they get greedy and over-invest, and if the opportunity turns against them they’ve now put themselves in financial trouble.

As I mentioned, in the beginning of this article, when I first heard about Gladiacoin I was extremely skeptical. It sounded way too good to be true and sounded similar to some opportunities that I’d heard about in the past that I’d stayed well away from.

But one key detail that made me take a second look and decide to move forward is the simple fact of what I mentioned in the last section. They don’t hold onto my money. I can receive payments directly into my Bitcoin wallet as often as everyday.

In other opportunities that offer to pay out passive income it’s usually all smoke and mirrors, a person puts money into the company/opportunity with an expectation of some kind of payout down the road. You may even be able to see your return grow over time by looking in your backoffice. But when the time comes to pull your money out the company conveniently starts experiencing problems. The company suddenly can’t pay out and all too often they go out of business and your money is never seen again.

With Gladiacoin I’ve been able to track every single withdrawal and to date they have never missed a payment. And best of all if there should ever be an issue  because let’s say the company was going to go under, then I would immediately know that something’s wrong because my payment would be late. So as long as I don’t over invest and I put a plan in place recoup my initial Bitcoin asap and then reinvest only with my profit then I can limit or eliminate my risk. To date I’ve already recouped 86% of my initial Bitcoin and I still have 1BTC working for me in the program.

These results are without referring anyone else into this opportunity.

I wanted to make absolutely sure that this program worked as described and that I could stand behind it before promoting it to people.

Referring creates an additional opportunity to earn even more money from commissions.


Longevity: This is the question on everyone’s mind. It was for me too. Is this program sustainable? The real answer is I don’t know. Giving them the benefit of the doubt about their trading expertise then it could be around for years to come. However call me a pessimist but I’d rather plan for it not be around forever.

Could a person lose money in Gladiacoin?


Could they close up shop tomorrow?


But nothing lasts forever and we shouldn’t expect this too either. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity that could positively change many people’s lives. Just be smart about how you participate.

So my verdict is positive.

Would I love for the company to be more transparent, yes I would.

But for the reasons I mentioned above about being able to limit my risk I determined that taking a chance on this company was worth it for me and so far I haven’t been disappointed. I also know that I’ve been screwed over in the past by many companies that seemed to be very transparent so the appearance of transparency doesn’t equal security.

As I mentioned I’m obviously biased as I’m currently participating in the opportunity but if something were to change in my view about Gladiacion and I thought it had become too risky I would be sure to update this post.

Cheap Plug: If you’d like to get started go to and I will personally show you my plan to grow your from at little as 0.5BTC to 13BTC in 495 days without having to talk to a single person bitcoin while getting your initial investment back within 90days!

To contact me directly go to my fanpage HERE

To your success,


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