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FIS Marketing Review: Run Like Hell!

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on October 16, 2011 One Comment

If you’re at all an active marketer in your business then you’re probably constantly on the lookout for ways to generate new high quality mlm leads for your business.

Earlier in the year, I came across the website they claimed to get be able to help you recruit 20 to 40 new people into your business by placing online ads specific for your business. They also claim that their staff will get prospects to commit to joining my business. I was curious and they had a capture page for me to enter my info so I could receive more info.

So of course I put in my info.

The next day or so I started receiving calls from someone from their company.  I spoke to them about what they had to offer but ultimately I told them that it wasn’t for me.

Something seemed a bit off to me.

Firstly their ads imply that they actually speak to prospects for their clients but in reality they are simply selling leads. Their goal is for you to then sell these leads on using’s services to build their business then when you send these leads to, you’ll earn a $100 commission for each referral sale they get. So at the end of the day, their focus is on getting you to send people to them rather than promoting your business.

However that by itself wasn’t a reason to write them off. You see if they really did produce good quality leads of course you would refer them as a lead source, who wouldn’t?

But the kicker was that the minimum initial amount they wanted me to spend with them was $500. I’ve learned through many years of in business and paying some serious dues is that if an advertising vendor does not allow you to try their services out for a reasonable amount of money then that is usually a RED FLAG.  You see if they want to collect a lot of money up front then they’re usually not expecting you to stick around so they’re trying to get as much money as they can while they can.

So since I couldn’t test them out for say $100, I politely said no thanks.

However here’s where it gets interesting. No sooner did I tell them I wasn’t interested did I start receiving calls from network marketers claiming that I’d responded to their ads.

I spoke to a couple of them and asked them where they got my name from and guess what? They said they’d gotten them from a company called FIS marketing. At first I was confused at who this company was. So I did some research and found out that FIS is the company behind!

So I called the company and asked them to take my name off their calling list.

All was quiet for a few months. But just this last September I was online again doing some research looking at marketing sales reps and I came across another website claiming to be a sales call center that one could hire to call sales leads.

Again I put my name into their capture page to get more info.

Lo and behold I was surprised to get a call the next day from not only the same company but the same sales rep that called me earlier in the year. I immediately recognized them as FIS Marketing. So I politely told them that I wasn’t interested.

Since then I’ve been getting bombarded by emails and calls from network marketing hopefuls claiming that I’d been to their websites and I requested info about their companies.

So it’s become very clear that this company isn’t doing any real advertising for their clients, they simply sell them the names of people who inquire about their services and have the intelligence/experience not to fall for their false promises.

I’m pretty certain that reselling leads in this way is illegal but I’m sure that will be for some lawyer to decide.

Eitherway, be aware that these guys are not doing anything near what they claim. You could generate much better leads on your own with your $500.  If you want to learn how, just click HERE.

So be aware and save your money. Do some google searches so you can see what their sites look like so you don’t end up getting on their lists by accident.

To your success,

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