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The Enemy Of Your Success

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on September 15, 2011 No Comment

Enemy of your succes, on the fence

What is the real enemy of success, happiness, joy etc.. ?

I think that the enemy of true success is something
that can’t actually be seen.

It’s a little something called “THE FENCE”.

And I always find it interesting how people let it prevent them from
achieving their dreams.

“What do you mean?”, you may ask. ” What’s this Fence of which you speak?”

And what does it have to do with you losing what you have
and experiencing failure repeatedly?

Well “the Fence” is the thing you “sit on” when you’re facing
a big opportunity or a big challenge (and they’re often
the same thing).

The Fence is that thing that holds you back from taking
decisive action when you have a big chance.

The Fence is what keeps you inside your COMFORT
ZONE and afraid of changing things.

And right now, you might be sitting squarely on “The Fence”
about taking a decision that will move you forward in your life.

You see, when you’re on “the fence” about something it’s usually because
your “stuff” is coming up and blocking you from making the call.

But the reality is that “the fence” is exactly the place you don’t want to be.

You think you’re safe sitting there. You think “well I’m not moving forward
but at least I’m not failing and moving backwards either”.

But that’s where you’re wrong. You see we don’t live in a static world. Life is always moving forward so if you’re stuck on “the fence”, that means that you’re by default moving backwards.

But it’s time for you to decide.

The difference between people who achieve their dreams and those that never do is that successful people try to spend as little time as possible on “the fence”. It’s better to try and fail than to sit on the sidelines living in your head.

So what are you on “the fence” about in your life?

Here’s a 3 Step Process To Get Yourself Off The Fence

1)      What’s keeping you from taking that next step?

2) What’s the worst thing that can possibly happen to you when you move forward?
(Write them out in detail. Be as graphic as you can.)
3) If you try and fail and your worst fears actually come true, how can you mitigate them or recover?

Once you ask yourself these simple questions, you’ll often find that even if your worst fears come true that it’s wouldn’t be the end of the world

So if you seriously want to defeat the ENEMY of your SUCCESS then get your butt off “THE FENCE”.

To your success,



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