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David Wood’s 5 Laws to Sponsoring 10-20 People Every Month Like Clockwork

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on June 12, 2011 3 Comments

In this post I want to give credit where it’s due. David Wood, master internet marketer and network marketing leader, recently released a fantastic training on his blog. I’m going to post the link at the bottom of it so you can get access to the whole thing on his blog.

I’m not going to review every single thing but there were a few very critical point he made that I think people don’t fully grasp and they really make the difference between just getting by in your business and really having success in MLM.

Another thing I really loved is that he delivered some solid truths that often get shaded over by a lot of network marketing “leaders” in this industry. I really admire people who tell people the truth even when it may be a bit uncomfortable or inconvenient and I believe that painting an unnecessarily rosey picture never usually serves you in the long-term.

There are 5 laws you need to abide by if you seriously want to have huge MLM success. These laws apply regardless of whether or not you’re building your business online or offline. I advise you to pay attention because they’re very subtle and you may have even heard variations of them before.  I guarantee that if you’re not having the success you’re looking for in your business then you’re breaking one or more of these laws.

#1 The Law of Friendship First
This is probably the one that most new people get wrong first. Often when you’re in this industry it’s easy to start to see everyone you meet as just another prospect to be recruited. The problem is that when you see people as just targets or walking commissions waiting to happen they sense it and they will avoid you like the plague.

Your goal when you meet people is to connect. You’re job is to ask some important questions.  Do your personalities mesh? Can you understand where they’re coming from? Can you add value to their lives by helping them solve their problems? When you approach people from this perspective then you stop coming off as needy. People start to  notice that you’re different from all the other MLM’ers that have approached them in the last week.

By doing this you also start to develop the trait called “posture”. You start to be picky about who you work with because you understand that not everyone a fit for this industry and you also understand that not everyone in the industry is a fit to work with you. Sometimes you meet someone and you just don’t click, instead of trying to force the relationship just to get a pay cheque, the sooner you realize the mismatch the sooner you can move on and attract people who do click with you.

#2 The Law Of Large Numbers
If you’ve been to a biz opp meeting or two in your life or watched online presentations they usually try to sell you the idea that you only need to sponsor 2 to 5 people to get rich in network marketing. Have you seen that presentation?

Well, I’m sorry but that’s TOTAL B.S. and I was so glad to hear Dave Wood point that out in his training.

If that was true, then just about everyone and their uncle who every signed up in any business would be Millionaires right now. Sure, it’s theoretically true that if you sponsor 2 and they get 2 and so on for 20 levels that you’d be making tons of money but there’s a huge gap between theory and reality in this case. The honest hard truth is that if you want to really make it in network marketing 2 just won’t do.

In fact, even 10 just won’t do. The reality is that you’re probably going to need to recruit 50 or more people personally into your business.

I’ll break down the numbers for you.

The average person needs to present their business to 10 to 30 people to get 1 person to join them. Therefore if you’re wanting to sponsor 10 people a month then you’re going to need to be presenting to 100 to 300 people a month.

Now if you’ve got some serious sales skill or you’re exceptionally influential in your community then you could probably cut that number down a bit but the bottom line is that you need to speak a lot of people and you need to be doing it consistently.

So you need to make sure you have a strategy to make that happen. This is no different than any business out there. They promote to lots of people to get a few of them to walk in the doors and buy.

Here’s how I’m making this happen for myself and my team click HERE.

#3 The Law Of Large Groups AKA:The Law Of Social Proof
This one is somewhat self-explanatory. This law states that it’s easier to sponsor people in groups rather than 1 on 1. It’s also a more efficient use of your time. That’s why so many old school network marketing pros focus on group meetings. Heck this is exactly how your local church works.

When you get groups of people together and your prospect get exposed to others who are already on board and excited about the opportunity it gets rid of a lot of the skepticism that your prospect feels. The bigger and more excited the group the better.

This principle works the same online as it does in hotel meetings. When you get people to attend a webinar presentation for your business and they hear that the lines are filled with hundreds of excited people they automatically become curious about what’s going on.

Now if you want to take that social proof to the next level then make sure you’re the one giving the presentation. That instantly gives you rockstar leadership status!

#4 The Law Of The Mini Blitz
This Law busts another myth that is prevalent in the industry. The myth that you need to constantly go go go! The myth that you need to constantly be recruiting 24/7.

This business is best built faster rather than slow but the real way to do it is in small bursts. Trying to build constantly at a high rate is exhausting and leads to burnout.

This is where you need to be strategic. David Wood goes in great detail in his training on how to do this so I’ll just give you the cliffnotes here.

For instance if you’re building offline and you have a list of contacts that you’ve been following up with. What you want to do is go on a blitz for about 3 days in the month where you contact them all and you have your systems in place to deliver the right amount of exposures required to show them the big picture about your opportunity.

These blitzes create a lot of excitement and momentum over a very short period of time and when combined with the 3rd Law they’re very effective. They also conserve your energy because when you’re done the blitz you can relax for a bit and reward yourself so you don’t end up feeling burnt out.


#5 The Law Of Leadership
This is most important law of all. When you truly grasp this one I think a lot of the other laws all fall into place. People want to follow a leader with a vision, a leader is attractive. A leader is more attractive than your product or your company’s compensation plan or just about anything else.

So your primary goal when introducing someone to your opportunity is to show yourself to be a leader, to cast a dream and a vision of what you can help your prospect accomplish that they otherwise could never do on their own.

To make this real for you think about this. No one wakes up in the morning and says “oh boy, I really hope someone shows me how to make money selling vitamins today, or gold or legal services etc…”.  But they do wake up wishing that someone would show them a real way that  they could finally get out from under all that debt.

Do you get my drift?

Your actual company and product etc is really there just to back up the high quality leadership and support you’re going to provide them that almost no one is really providing these days. That one concept alone will make your a superstar in your business.

So there you have it, the 5 Laws that will have you Sponsoring 10 to 20 people a month into your business.

As promised here’s the link to the original post on David Wood’s Blog click HERE. There’s a bunch more meat in it that I didn’t go over so I highly recommend taking a listen.

Now if you’re really ready to put these Laws into action to take your business to the next level I’d like to give you access to our secret little Think Tank of Marketing Superstars.

Click HERE to learn exactly how Marketers Superstars like David Wood and I are building our businesses and attracting hordes of amazing people to our teams.

Yours in success,


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3 Responses to “David Wood’s 5 Laws to Sponsoring 10-20 People Every Month Like Clockwork”

  1. Joe Guttridge says on: 12 January 2013 at 2:59 AM

    Great post. Everything David touches is gold and the information he gives out is to the point and killer effective. Awesome to see another recognizing his work. All the best, Patrick!

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