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Content Syndication: The Secret To Endless Free Traffic

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on June 6, 2011 No Comment

The Power of Content SyndicationAs I mentioned in my last post, there are 2 main strategies for generating traffic.

Paid traffic strategies and free traffic strategies.

These two strategies offer their own pros and cons.  For instance, the upside of paid traffic generation is that it can get you traffic relatively quickly (but at a cost), while free methods take time. But the benefit of using free traffic methods are that while they can take some time to build up (weeks to months) you get traffic for the long term (all for free!).

Now when it comes to generating free traffic there are certain principles that work every time.

These principles are creating valuable content and making sure that your content is easily found by your prospects online.

So what you want to do is to get your valuable Content Syndicated (spread) all over the internet.

This is where social bookmarking comes into play. The word “social” seems to be the biggest buzz word on the internet these days. Everything is about being social, people sharing information with each other.

Well social bookmarking is simply sharing links to your content on certain sites (eg; Stumble Upon, Digg, Delicious etc…). These sites get a ton of traffic so having your links there means that there’s a good chance that people will come across them and then visit your site. The other benefit is that Google and the other search engines love these sites so having links there actually helps your content rank well in the search engines.

So the name of the game is sharing your content all over the internet through all sorts of social bookmarking sites

Now normally you’d either have to hand submit your site to all these sites yourself or perhaps hire an outsourcer to do it or you can use a service like which will automatically submit your links to 40+ social bookmarking sites.

Onlywire is a very inexpensive alternative to hiring outsourcers. It’s also free to test out. They have paid versions but if you’re just getting started you can easily get what you need with the free version. To check it out click HERE.

The key is that you want to get as many of those links out into cyberspace as possible. As you create more content you create a massive web of that will draw more and more people to your site and as that grows you’ll also develop a loyal following which is the key to any stable business.

And if you’re in the MLM industry the more people learn about you and from you the more they’ll see you as the kind of leader they’ll want to partner with.

Click HERE (link coming soon) for my next post where I teach you a simple, free, no brainer method that will put your content syndication efforts on STEROIDS taking your web from just the few links you can create yourself to hundreds and even thousands.

To your success,

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