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Personal Development

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on January 31, 2012 No Comment
Is Money Worth Less Than Sh#$?

Is money really worth less than Sh#$?  A very intriguing question. The answer may just change how you look at the world around you.  We are living in very interesting times. Probably the most interesting in all human history. Check out this really well done documentary.






Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on September 15, 2011 No Comment
The Enemy Of Your Success

What is the real enemy of success, happiness, joy etc.. ?

I think that the enemy of true success is something
that can’t actually be seen.

It’s a little something called “THE FENCE”.

And I always find it interesting how people let it prevent them from
achieving their dreams.

“What do you mean?”, you may ask. ” What’s this Fence […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on September 5, 2011 One Comment
How To Master Procrastination: 3 Simple Secrets

Learn my 3 secrets to understanding why you procrastinate and how to deal with it whenever it strikes.

As they say, knowledge is power.






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Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on September 4, 2011 One Comment
4 Tips To Maximize Your Productivity

Working for yourself is great, no bosses, you set your own rules, you’re the master of your domain…

However all this freedom creates one big challenge, figuring out how to get stuff done in a world filled with distractions.

It’s so easy to find reasons to procrastinate when you don’t have anyone to report to and […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on August 23, 2011 One Comment
The Biggest Ponzi Scheme Ever (nope not Madoff)

This post is a bit of a departure from what I usually write about but it’s probably the most important post I’ve done so far and also the most potentially controversial.

Recently David Wood put out a great video on his blog (see here) that I have to say took a lot of […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on August 19, 2011 One Comment
What’s Your Personal Legend?

Have you read the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho?

I read it a number of years ago in 2009 and recently read it again on a flight to Phoenix Arizona.

It’s a really great story about a young, poor but ambitious sheppard named Santiago who goes in search of treasure and the lessons he learns […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on July 25, 2011 No Comment

Watch this video and start off your week right!

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on July 9, 2011 683 Comments
How To Conquer Negativity & Accomplish Your Dreams

3 Easy steps to help you conquer negative people so you can accomplish your dreams and goals.  This is a quick video based on a conversation I had with a friend who needed some cheering up after being criticized by friends and family who were being really negative to her.


Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on June 25, 2011 No Comment
Les Brown’s Lessons: How To Live Your Dreams

It’s the weekend so it’s time to reflect and set yourself up for success for the coming week.

Are you moving ahead with your goals? Are you constantly forging ahead breaking new ground or are you still holding yourself back.

This is an awesome classic video from Motivational Guru Les Brown that I’d like to share […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on May 27, 2011 One Comment
Tim Ferriss’s Secret To Smashing Your Fears Like The Hulk!

I’ve attached a great video of a short lecture by Tim Ferriss.

Tim is someone who’s had a profound impact on my life. He wrote the book the 4 Hour WorkWeek and most recently the 4 Hour Body.

Tim is a masterful writer and marketer and as a result his books have rocketed to the top […]

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