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Internet Marketing Training

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on August 7, 2011 One Comment
10 Killer Ways To Get Facebook Likes For Your Fanpage

If you’re marketing your business these days then you’re probably aware that social media marketing is key.

Nothing sells like word of mouth and that’s what sites like Facebook allow you to do. They allow you to get people talking about your company, product or service which then draws other new customers to you.

Facebook Fanpages […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on July 24, 2011 No Comment

If you’ve had your ear to the ground when it comes to internet trends then you’ve probably begun to hear rumblings about something called Google Plus.

What is Google Plus (aka  Google + Project)?

Well for the last few years Google has had to sit idly by as more and more people flock to Facebook.  It […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on July 17, 2011 One Comment
6 Tips To Writing Irresistible Headlines

If you trying to sell anything online, then mastering the art of a good headline writing is critical to your success.

Whether on your emails, your squeeze pages or even your blog posts or videos, your headlines make your first impression to your prospects.

In the shopping mall that is the internet. Headlines determine if people […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on July 17, 2011 One Comment
The Truth About Attraction Marketing

If you’ve been around the network marketing industry anytime over the last 5 years you’ve heard about Attraction Marketing.

Attraction marketing is supposed to generate you leads and people ready and willing to join your business almost like magic.

Sounds great and it has transformed our industry as many people will attest.  After all, who wants […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on July 4, 2011 No Comment
Understanding Earned Media Will Transform Your Business

The world or marketing has changed dramatically and fundamentally in the last 15 years or so.

Traditionally there have been 2 kinds of media used in marketing products and services. These are Paid Media and Owned Media.

What are paid media and owned media?

Paid media is the one that most people are familiar with. You want […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on June 23, 2011 8 Comments
Cool Internet Marketing Tools: 12 Essential WordPress Plugins

Blogging using wordpress blogs is really cool and one thing that makes it so dang cool is the fact that there are so many great wordpress plugins that you can to use to make your blog really turn heads. And what makes it even better is that 99% of them are 100% free to […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on June 17, 2011 4 Comments
MLM And Internet Marketing

Is MLM going extinct????

Well, I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that interest in MLM and Network Marketing is exploding right now.

This is simply because the economy is on such shaky ground people need to find ways to secure their financial position and it just so happens that […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on June 12, 2011 3 Comments
David Wood’s 5 Laws to Sponsoring 10-20 People Every Month Like Clockwork

In this post I want to give credit where it’s due. David Wood, master internet marketer and network marketing leader, recently released a fantastic training on his blog. I’m going to post the link at the bottom of it so you can get access to the whole thing on his blog.

I’m not going to […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on June 9, 2011 One Comment
Tribe Pro Review: Content Syndication On Steroids

Here’s my in depth video review and how to guide for Tribe Pro.



This cutting edge tool can really help you take your content syndication to the next level. Resulting in more back links, better rankings on google, plasters your content […]

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on June 6, 2011 No Comment
Content Syndication: The Secret To Endless Free Traffic

As I mentioned in my last post, there are 2 main strategies for generating traffic.

Paid traffic strategies and free traffic strategies.

These two strategies offer their own pros and cons.  For instance, the upside of paid traffic generation is that it can get you traffic relatively quickly (but at a cost), while free methods take […]

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