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ACN Expert Review: Scam or Legit MLM Business Opportunity

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on July 10, 2011 80 Comments

ACN Expert Review**Note** I am not an ACN rep this is an unbiased review of the company for you to use as a resource.

ACN is an MLM company based out of Farmington Hills, Michigan that was started in 1992. They out selling long distance phone plans. Today they operate in over 20 countries with a variety of products including cell phone service, home security, satellite TV, internet and of course long distance.

Let’s take a good look at this company and their business opportunity  to see if ACN INC. is really a legit network marketing opportunity.  My in depth review asks the questions, is there an ACN scam? By the end of this review you’ll know one way or another.

Let’s start with ACN Inc’s product line.

One positive right off the bat is that all of the services that ACN markets are in industries that are very competitive to the point of being thought of as commodities. This makes it very difficult for them to mark up their prices to an unrealistic level because everyone has a good idea what these services are actually worth.  And it seems that ACN is selling their services at a competitive rate.

So from a product standpoint I’d have to say that there’s no scam here.

ACN’s Compensation Plan:

Over the years the company has sought to expand their offerings to keep up with the changing marketplace. By adding more services for their customers to subscribe to increases the potential income that their distributors can make.

Because ACN’s product line is so competitive they don’t have much of a margin to work with when it comes to paying compensation. This is where the expansion to diverse product lines and services is so key. ACN has been very smart about this.

As far has the company’s compensation plan. They your goal is to develop a vast base of subscribers. You then get paid a percentage commission from their usage of their services.

One downside is that because ACN has so little margin to work with you will need to develop a lot of customers to create a reasonable residual. However the company does pay generous fast start bonuses as you’re building your team of distributors. Many distributors use that upfront income to sustain them in the short term while they and their team build the desired customer base.

As you grow your team of distributors and rise through the ranks you earn overrides on the sales generated by your team-mates upfront commissions. This can create a kind of second residual as your teams efforts gain momentum. In our experience most legal compensation plans pay out about the same about of money on a per dollar basis, it’s just disguised a little differently in each

Longevity and Competition

The downside of ACN’s business model is that they are in a very competitive industry (telecommunications) where people have many options and can and will switch their services if given a better deal. Besides having to deal with mainstream providers like Verizon and AT&T they also have to battle with other MLM companies such as 5linx and Fortune Hi-Tech which offer similar products.

However through the challenges ACN has persevered for almost 20 years and are in a leadership position.

In recent years they gained a boost due to the endorsement of Donald Trump. This has added some powerful credibility to their business. ACN was even featured on an episode of Celebrity Apprentice.

Another upside that about their model is that they’re services are considered essential to most consumers where as other products such as nutritionals are often considered luxuries and can be thought of as non-essential when times get tough financially.

Legal Issues

ACN has been hit by questions of its legality at least twice in its history.

Once in Canada in 2002 and again in 2005 in Australia, in both cases they were charged with operating an illegal pyramid scheme but both times the rulings were overturned.  These are 2 feathers in their cap that speak to the legitimacy of their business.


Scam or No Scam

So at the end of the day I cannot speak to whether ACN is the best MLM opportunity or not but they are definitely not a scam. I personally know people who are making a living from ACN so I know that you can make money if you work hard and have chosen a strong sponsor.

Unfortunately most ACN distributors fail not because the company is a bad opportunity but because they suffer from a lack of training on how to successfully market their ACN business so they’re forced to harass their friends and family.

They become card carrying members of the NFL club (no friends left).

No one is going to make you successful so you have to take your success into your own hands by learning from the best of the best on how to find and attract prospects to you rather than constantly having to chase and badger them.

There is a solution that will transform your ACN business and put you on stage being recognized with the rest of the leaders in your company.

Click HERE to see what I mean.

To your success,




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80 Responses to “ACN Expert Review: Scam or Legit MLM Business Opportunity”

  1. Gerri @ ninetynine ways says on: 15 August 2011 at 11:37 PM

    When I see companies like this, my SCAM alarm bells start ringing straight away. But, calling it a scam is probably not the best way to portray them. As you have mentioned in the post, you just need to build up a HUGE customer base which a lot of people find hard to do. In the end, they see it is just not worth it and write it off as a scam. I is something that is definitely not for me but it may work well for others.
    Gerri @ ninetynine ways recently posted..How My Rugby World Cup Countdown Clock Photo Almost Made Me MoneyMy Profile

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