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4 Tips To Maximize Your Productivity

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on September 4, 2011 One Comment

How to maximize your productivityWorking for yourself is great, no bosses, you set your own rules, you’re the master of your domain…

However all this freedom creates one big challenge, figuring out how to get stuff done in a world filled with distractions.

It’s so easy to find reasons to procrastinate when you don’t have anyone to report to and you have no clear deadlines.

So if you’re currently languishing in procrastination land I thought I’d share with you a few ways that I’ve found that help me finally buckle down so I can get #*#$ done!

1) Create Accountability
Us humans are pretty interesting sometimes. We’re more likely to push and get something done if someone else is counting on us.

Perhaps it’s because we’ve been conditioned through school and jobs to have a boss or because we value other people’s approval more than we do our own but either way that’s the way it works.

Knowing that what you can do is try to put yourself in positions where other people are counting on you to get something done by a certain time.

Make promises to your team, your business partners or your employees. If you have any sense of integrity whatsoever you’ll make sure you get your work done.

2) Create A Time Constraint
Here’s another good trick that I heard one time on a training webinar.  If you work on a laptop go out to a coffee shop to work but don’t bring your powercord.

If you have a laptop with a decent batter life (not like mine) then you’ll have a 90minutes to a couple of hours to work before your batter dies. This will force you to get to work since you’ll have no time to fool around surfing the net.

3) Turn Off The Internet
This one is fairly obvious but takes some serious will power.
Yes I know you work online but that doesn’t mean you have to be online all the time.

Being online sometimes just creates a too high a distraction potential. Between email, youtube and facebook alone it’s a wonder anyone gets anything done these days.

Just make sure that you have all the files you need to get your project done downloaded onto your computer so you simply have no need to go online.

Now if you can’t seem to pull the plug another way to go about this is to go out somewhere where you don’t a connection. That way you have no choice but to work offline.

4) Thinking Music
Develop a collection of music that allows you to concentrate. Personally I can’t focus while listening to music that contains lyrics. My mind just starts following the song and it takes me off track.

In my case I love relaxing orchestral or new age music. It just gets my brain working. In fact I’m listening to some right now.
So get yourself a collection of great Thinking Music. It’ll pay dividends.

The key to figuring out the tricks you need to employ that will get you moving is to be self-aware. Observe yourself and your behavior. See try to notice when you seem to be really productive and when you’re not and pretty soon you’ll start to see little patterns.

By noticing these patterns you can develop a few strategies that you know you can use to push yourself.

At the end of the day no one is going to give success to you so you have to become a good self-manager.

Now stop reading and get your @$$ back to work. Slacker! =)

To your success and getting $%#% done,



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