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10 Killer Ways To Get Facebook Likes For Your Fanpage

Written By: Patrick Ogunnaike on August 7, 2011 One Comment

How to get likes on my facebook fanpageIf you’re marketing your business these days then you’re probably aware that social media marketing is key.

Nothing sells like word of mouth and that’s what sites like Facebook allow you to do. They allow you to get people talking about your company, product or service which then draws other new customers to you.

Facebook Fanpages have now made engaging your customers (past or future) even easier. This is done by getting people to like your page.

It’s been said that Fanpage likes are like the new “email opt in”.  Only even more powerful in a lot of ways.

They can be a very powerful asset.

This is because, when someone likes your fanpage you now have the ability to communicate to them on an ongoing basis. Whenever you post a message, video or pic on your fanpage it then shows up on their Facebook newsfeed.

What’s even better is that when they like your page, all their friends get a notified that they like your page and which can then draw even more people back to it.

That all said if your goal is to win the social media marketing race then your goal is to build a huge list of LIKES and as luck would have I’ve put together a short list of 10 Killer Ways to get more Likes to your Facebook Fanpage.  

1)      Ask For The Like
Yep it’s that simple, post a status update on your personal Facebook page mentioning your new Facebook Fanpage and request that your friends take look and click like. Don’t be afraid to outright ask people to join your facebook page.  Ask and you shall receive. You can also try being creative by giving them a reason join your page, maybe a free bonus or discount offer.

2)    Post A Status Update
Post cool, creative status updates on your page that your existing fans will want to share with their friends. It doesn’t have to be business all the time, in fact it shouldn’t be. If you’re brave you can even try being a bit controversial. Ask questions. If it engages your followers and gets them talking you’re on the right track.

3)    Invite Friends
This is different than #1 a bit. Facebook allows you to actually send out invite messages suggesting your Fanpage to your friends.  Again, ask and you’ll receive.

4)      Post Cool Viral Images and Videos
If you can put together a cool video that goes even just somewhat viral you could find yourself with a ton of fans very quickly. In fact when you post a video and someone watches it, if they’re not already a fan of yours they’ll see a LIKE button on it and if they click it they’ll automatically become a fan of your page without ever visiting your Fanpage.  

5)      Comment on other Fanpages
Find other Fanpages  that are in and around your niche and post comments. Make sure not to spam other people’s pages with promos for your page or you’ll get blocked and blacklisted. Find places where you can add value to the conversation. When people see your comment (ex; Patrick’s Fanpage said “xyz”) many people will become curious and visit your page and you’ll get Likes along the way.

*** Make sure to post your comment “as your page” not as your personal Facebook profile. ***  

6)      Featured Pages Exchanges
When your Fanpage likes another Fanpage you have the option to select to feature that page on your wall.  So what you can do is approach other Fanpage owners and offer to feature their page in exchange for them doing the same. This cross promotion deal will get you some more visitors and Likes.  

7)    Facebook PPC Ads
This is a great way to get started in order to gain some momentum. The upside is that this will get you result quickly the downside ofcourse is that it will cost you some money. But not to worry it won’t cost you that much. Just $5 a day will suffice to start.

8)      Add A Like Box To your Website of Blog
This is pretty self explanatory. If you have a website with any amount of traffic then you should be promoting that they keep up with you on Facebook. There are plenty of aps that you can use to add a Facebook Fanpage box to your website or blog. You can have this done in about 5 minutes.

9)    Email Your List
Don’t forget to let your email list know that they should follow you on Facebook.  

10)   Comment On Blogs
Similar to #5 you should be visiting blogs in your niche and be making comments that add value to the conversation. And when you do and they give you the option to add a URL use your Fanpage URL. If people like your comments you’ll be sure to get some new fans.

So there you have  it 10 Killer ways to get Likes for your Facebook Fanpage.

Of course there are tons more ways but these 10 should get your started. If you like this post be sure to click like on my fanpage box to your right so you can keep up on my shenanigans. =)

And if you’re wanting to get started creating your own Fanpage click HERE for a really cool tool that I’ve used to create some of my pages.

It’s called IFrame Engine and it’ll help you create a professional looking fanpage in just a few minutes. No fuss no muss. If you have any questions or suggestions of other cool techniques then just put them in the comment section below.

To your Fanpage Success,

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One Response to “10 Killer Ways To Get Facebook Likes For Your Fanpage”

  1. allison bliss says on: 12 August 2011 at 3:46 PM

    love the doggie. info is helpful, too. THANKS! posted link on my fb Page:

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